Loctite® 5810™ Series Formed-in-place (fip) Liquid Polyacrylate (PA) Gaskets

The ideal fip liquid gasket solution

LOCTITE® 5810™ is a one-component, room temperature cure polyacrylate sealant that delivers high value at low cost. As a solution to replace rubber, paper, or metal gaskets, Loctite 5810 combines the advantages of silicone and anaerobic liquid gasket products, resulting in a sealant that effectively meets a wide range of automotive applications while also meeting new industry requirements in hydrocarbon permeation and oil resistance.

Liquid gaskets: the automotive manufacturer’s choice

Liquid gaskets offer not only material cost savings, but also part cost savings from more simple design and manufacturing methods. Advances in chemistry and liquid gasket know-how, Henkel introduces Loctite 5810 Series Polyacrylate Sealant, a formed-in-place (FIP) liquid gasket which offers innovative, precise and reliable sealing.
The polyacrylate sealant breakthrough our customers demand
Henkel customers expect the most effective, high-performance gasketing products and the most recent technological innovation. The company achieves these goals through cooperation with OEMS and suppliers. Henkel’s team of engineers developed Loctite 5810 Polyacrylate Sealant with significant input from those who will use the product every day.

The result of this collaboration is a sealant that delivers a robust, pressure-resistant seal, excellent manufacturing flexibility, and a heavy-bodied viscosity that allows immediate on-line pressure checks. The chemical properties of Loctite 5810 provide long open time for desired manufacturing processes – up to 60 minutes between assembly steps. That means less scrap during manufacturing.

Find out how fip liquid gaskets can lower your manufacturing costs
The unique properties of Loctite 5810 help cut costs, improve reliability and satisfy governmental regulations. Discover if the Loctite 5810 Series Polyacrylate Sealant is right for your needs by selecting one of the following links:

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                  Loctite® 5810A™ Polyacrylate Sealant
                  Loctite® 5810F™ Fluorescent Polyacrylate Sealant

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