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Industrial Coatings

Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating

A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, titanium and related alloys - Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating delivers benefits throughout the entire coating process and over the life of your coated products.
(LT-4958, 12/07)

Metal Processing

Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide

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Choose the right solution and product for a wide range of common industrial challenges.
(LT-6266, 5/11)

Surface Treatments

Functional Coatings Equipment

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Metal Pretreatment, Cleaners and Specialty Coatings


An Introduction to the Autodeposition Coating Process

(LT-7050, 8/14)

Surface Treatment Selector Guide

As the world’s leading supplier of chemical pretreatments for light metals, plastics and steel, Henkel sets high standards for corrosion protection, paint adhesion and environmental safety. (LT-6267, 9/11)



(1.1 MB)

Henkel’s BONDERITE M-PP 930CTM is a water-based reactive paint coating designed to overcome the challenges of paint application on grey and ductile iron castings.

(LT-6785, 10/13)

Functional Coatings Solutions

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Metal Pretreatment, Cleaners and Specialty Coatings

Remanufacturing Reference Guide

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Henkel is proud to help so many remanufacturers to be more successful and to continue to grow their businesses. With our broad product and technology portfolio, we can offer cleaners to degrease, de-rust, and strip paint; lubricants and coolants to refurbish worn parts; and adhesives and sealants to reassemble core parts to like-new condition.
(LT-6606, 3/13)

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