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The Adhesive Sourcebook 2017 Volume 20

(7,1 MB)
Your source for LOCTITE products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.
(LT-3355, 1/17)

Bonding Design Guides

Design Guide for Bonding Rubber and

Thermoplastic Elastomers
This guide is designed to indicate the bondability of the 26 most commonly used families of elastomers.
(LT-2662A, 1/09)

Design Guide for Bonding Metals

(0.68 MB)

Let Loctite® help you select the proper adhesive for your metal application.

(LT-3371, 5/11)

The Design Guide for Bonding Plastics

(2,52 MB)
This guide is designed to indicate the bondability of the 30 most commonly used plastic types
(LT-2197, 02/11)

Medical Device Adhesives

Engineering Adhesives for Repeated Sterilization

(235 KB)

by Christine M. Salerni, Application Engineering Chemist for Loctite® Corporation

Highly Flexible Instant Adhesive

(1288 KB)
Looking for Flexibility in Your Designs?
LT-8178 (3/16)

High Flex CA Sell Sheet

(0.20 MB)

Flexible Instant Adhesives from Loctite® stretch the limits of cyanoacrylate adhesive technology, even under the most stressful conditions. Brochure includes listings for products suitable for difficult bonding applications and faster fixture speeds.

(LT-3826, 3/03)

High-Performance Light Cure

For Medical Device Assembly
(301 KB)
You are always looking for effective ways to reduce your cycle times, racking space and overall costs. Here’s the solution: the next generation of Loctite® Light Cure Silicone adhesives/sealants.
(LT-5928, 5/12)

Indigo™ Visible Light Cure Technology

(2.3 MB)

A brochure describing the Loctite® Indigo® line of Visible Light Cure Equipment, which includes flood systems and LED light systems.

(LT-4366, 5/14)

Interactive Medical Product Selector Guide


Medical product selector guide of adhesives for medical device assembly.

(LT-8251, 9/17)

Interactive Medical Adhesives Brochure

(3.100 KB)
Solutions That Cure
Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly
(LT-2399, 4/14)

Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive System for Tubing

(0.11 MB)

Learn about a system that rapidly and consistently applies a uniform coating of light cure adhesive to the outer diameter of tubing.

(LT-4126, 1/05)

Light Cure Adhesive Technology Guide

(905 KB)
Virtually all adhesives, sealants and coatings require a curing or hardening process.
(LT-2730, 3/17)

Loctite® AssureCure System Brochure

(1.5 MB)

AssureCure light cure adhesives can be provided in a range of viscosities, physical properties and package configurations.

(LT-6239, 1/11)

Loctite® 3979™ Light Curing Gel Sell Sheet

(421 KB)

Loctite 3979 fluoresces red for easy on-part detection either prior to or following cure.

(LT-6060, 9/10)

Loctite® AssureCure Featured Article

(435 KB)

Quantitative confirmation of the degree of cure of a light cure acrylic adhesive

Needle Bonding Design Guide

(975 KB)

This guide is designed to provide a step-by-step process for quickly and effectively selecting adhesives that are well suited for a specific needle design.

(LT-3720, 10/14)

Resinaid® Products for Fabrication of Hearing Aids

(829 KB)

Products for the Fabrication of Hearing Aids

(LT-3380, 3/04)

Screening Adhesives for Sterilization Resistance

(1.9 MB)

by Christine Salerni, Application Engineering Chemist, LOCTITE® Corporation

Sterilization and Its Effects on Bulk Adhesives

(50 KB)

by Scott D. Anderson, Engineering Manager Henkel Corporation


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