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The Adhesive Sourcebook 2017 Volume 20

(7,1 MB)
Your source for LOCTITE products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.
(LT-3355, 1/17)

Loctite® Supplier Information

Loctite® 2010 Distributor Shipping Guide

(1.02 MB)

The Distributor Shipping Guide provides assistance in properly identifying, preparing, and offering Henkel products for transport.


Emergency Response Guidebook

(2.4 MB)

This shipping document provides vital information when responding to a hazardous materials/dangerous goods incident.


Loctite® Barcode Specifications

(0.6 MB)

One of the significant missions of Henkel is to implement comprehensive bar coding and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) programs with our suppliers.


Shelf Life for Loctite® Products

(5.50 MB)

General information about the shelf life of Loctite® products.


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