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The Adhesive Sourcebook 2017 Volume 20

(7,1 MB)
Your source for LOCTITE products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.
(LT-3355, 1/17)


Functional Coatings Equipment

(1,3 MB)
Metal Pretreatment, Cleaners and Specialty Coatings

The LOCTITE Equipment Sourcebook

(5.3 MB)
This resource guide features the latest innovative LOCTITE brand equipment dispensing and curing solutions. From simple hand held devices to fully automated robotic systems, Henkel offers a complete line of standard off-the-shelf dispensing and light curing equipment which can easily be integrated to your manufacturing process.
(LT-3669, 7/14)


The LOCTITE Equipment Sourcebook e-Catalog

LOCTITE Bottle Dispensing Systems

(0.23 MB)
Henkel Corporation offers a wide range of cost-effective pressure-time and volumetric dispensing systems for single component adhesives.
(LT-8011, 2/15)

Dispense Tips

(0.39 MB)
Henkel offers a comprehensive line of LOCTITE brand dispense tips which include high precision stainless steel, tapered polyethylene, and flexible polypropylene tips.
(LT-8010, 3/15)

LOCTITE Syringe Dispensing Systems

(0.34 MB)
Henkel Corporation offers a wide range of cost-effective pressure-time and volumetric syringe dispensing systems for single component adhesives.
(LT-8009, 2/15)


Dispense Tip Competitive Cross Reference Chart

(0.13 MB)
(LT-8008, 2/15)

Equipment Catalog Integrated Equipment Solutions™

(2.10 MB)

The next generation of silicone rubber release agents has arrived.

(LT-4022, 2/05)

Loctite® Resin Polymerization Tester

(0.35 MB)

Loctite® Resin Polymerization Tester - Technologically advanced testing for the impregnation industry.


Volumetric Dispensing Solutions

(2.12 MB)

A guide to Loctite® Volumetric Bottle Dispensing, Syringe Dispensing and Two-Part Dispensing products, and information on how Meter Mix products can be customized for specific applications.

(LT-4391, 6/06)

LT-5681 Robot Brochure

(0.6 MB)
Loctite® robots can be used to dispense all types of chemistries, whether they are Cyanoacrylates, Anaerobics, Epoxies, Silicones, or other chemistries. Our adhesive dispensing experience – combined with our robots – is unmatched in the industry.
(LT-5681, 10/09)

LT-5725 LED Flood System Sell Sheet

(0.4 MB)
This is a unique LED flood system designed for Loctite® UV/visible cure adhesives. The expected life is over 20,000 hours with proper handling.
(LT-5725, 9/09)

LT-5726 Robot Sell Sheet 2

(0.2 MB)
Economic times are tough but our robots rise to the challenge. Our robots are some of the most cost effective units available in the marketplace today.
(LT-5726, 8/09)

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