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Iron Phosphate Process & Preferred Products

Preferred Products:

Spray Wand Applications:

Parco® Preclean 2990™
Parco® Spray Wand 101™
Parco® Spray Wand 200™

Spray Washer or Automated Immersion lines:

Bonderite® 1070™
Bonderite® 1090™
Prep-N-Cote® 500LT™

Post Treatment / Seals:

Parcolene® 7100™
Parcolene® 99X™


Features and Benefits:

  • Non-crystalline, nonmetallic, iron phosphate coating.
  • Increased paint adhesion.
  • Increased corrosion protection.



Henkel’s BONDERITE M-PP 930CTM is a water-based reactive paint coating designed to overcome the challenges of paint application on grey and ductile iron castings.  LT-6785 (10/13)

Remanufacturing Reference Guide

With our broad product and technology portfolio, we can offer cleaners to degrease, de-rust, and strip paint; lubricants and coolants to refurbish worn parts; and adhesives and sealants to reassemble core parts to like-new condition. LT-6606 (2/16).

Functional Coatings Solutions

(1,9 MB)
Metal Pretreatment, Cleaners and Specialty Coatings

Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide

Choose the right solution and product for a wide range of common industrial challenges. LT-6266 (3/13).

EC2 ElectroCeramic Coating

A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, titanium and related alloys.  LT-4958 (1/13).

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