Indigo™ PURE Visible Light Curing Adhesives

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Henkel Corporation has introduced the next generation of Loctite® Indigo™ Visible Light Cure Adhesives formulated for improved performance in a broad array of medical bonding, potting and assembly applications.

Designed to cure in seconds upon exposure to light in the visible spectrum, these products cure safely, efficiently, and immediately. As they are designed for use on UV-blocking clear and select colored substrates including translucent variations of blue, purple, gray, white and green, these adhesives offer excellent results in medical applications such as needle bonding and pre-filled syringe assembly. All products fluoresce under black light for easy quality control inspection. These adhesives can also be used for potting applications that require rapid cure to depths of 13 mm.

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Features and Benefits

Adhesives that react with visible light
  • Cure through select colors
  • Compatible with temperature sensitive components
  • Cure to depths in excess of 0.5"
Cure on demand
  • Minimized work in progress
  • Maximized floorspace
  • Increased production throughput
  • Immediate testing of assemblies

Cure systems with visible output
  • Reduced requirements for personal protective equipment
  • Minimal IR/heat generated
  • No ozone to vent
  • Longer life light guides, bulbs, and LEDs
  • Reduced power consumption and energy costs
Fluorescent in uncured and cured states
  • Immediate quality inspection
ISO-10993 Biological Tested
  • Suitable for disposable medical device assembly

Select the Product That Works For You

Visible Light Cure Adhesives

Ranging from low to high viscosity, there is an Indigo™ Light Cure Adhesive for essentially any application. With rapid surface cure and enhanced curing depth, these adhesives are suitable for bonding, potting, and coating applications on a wide variety of substrates.


With many LED-based systems now available, including the industry's highest power LED system - the Indigo™ CureJet™ - IP and maintenance costs have essentially been eliminated. Visit to learn more.


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