Structural Hybrid Adhesive

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INTRODUCING Henkel's first LOCTITE Structural Hybrid Adhesive

LOCTITE HY 4090 Structural Hybrid Adhesive is a combination of an instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate) and structural adhesive (epoxy). This ca epoxy is Henkel's instant adhesive suitable for structural applications.

Henkel engineer, Nicole Lavoie, breaks down the benefits of hybrid structural instant adhesives.
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Key Features:

  • High moisture and impact resistance
  • Low blooming
  • Temperature resistance up to 300°F
  • Excellent gap filling capabilities
  • Fast cure even at low temperatures
  • Good UV resistance
  • High performance on a variety of substrates

Structural Hybrid Adhesive Substrate Compatibility:

This new technology can be used on various substrates including plastics, metals, rubbers and more.


LOCTITE HY 4090 Structural Hybrid Adhesive Sell Sheet

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