How to Apply Thread Sealants

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Liquid Thread Sealants

1. Preparation


  • It is recommended to use an appropriate LOCTITE cleaner to degrease and clean surfaces prior to applying the adhesive.


2. Application

  • Apply a 360° bead to the leading male thread, leaving the first thread free.
  • For bigger threads, apply both on male and female thread.


3. Assembly

Assemble fittings using wrench tightening in accordance to manufacturers’ recommendations.

4. Disassembly

  • Disassemble with standard hand tools. If not possible, apply localized heat to approximately 250°C, disassemble while hot.

Thread Sealing Cord

1. Preparation

  • Clean threads if necessary and roughen smooth threads.

2. Application

  • Wind the cord onto the pipe thread in the same direction as the thread, starting from the end of the pipe.
  • For recommended number of wraps see label, apply in a crisscross manner.
  • Cut off the cord with the integrated cutting tool.

3. Assembly

  • Assemble using accepted trade practices.
  • Adjustment of 45° is possible after tightening
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