Gasketing and Sealing

A leader in form-in-place gasket makers, gasket dressings and general-purpose sealants, Henkel’s gasketing products offer innovative, precise and reliable sealing.  The Loctite® brand anaerobics, RTV silicones, and solvent-based gasketing products provide gasket making and sealing for every type of flange to include rigid, permanent assemblies, and non-rigid vibrating assemblies.  They can be applied manually or applied by automated methods, such as tracing, stenciling, and screen-printing for high volume assembly.

Gasketing and Sealing Products

Gasketing and Sealing Success Stories

ACH 202 Labor Costs and Oil Leakage Reduced
ACH 213 Gasket Eliminator Seals Boiler Covers
ACH 214 Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Equipment
ACH 215 Gasket Eliminator Prevents Sleeve Seizing
ACH 219 Loctite Iinstant Gasket Stops The Leak
ACH 226 Paper Mill Seals Leaky Gear Box
ACH 228-R Oil-Resistant Circulating Pump Seal
ACH 229 Loctite Provides Reliable Seal
ACH 235 Pulverizer Door Fiberglass Gasket Sealant
ACH 238 Brewery Ebi Stress Crack Repair
ACH240 Paper Machinery Gasket Repair
ACH 251 Instant Gasket Repairs Transmission Housin
ACH 252 Mining Drill Repair
ACH 254 Steel Mill Concrete Floor Repair
ACH 262 RTV Silicone Seals Lead Balance Weights
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