Functional Coatings Solutions

Solutions for Metal Pretreatment

Henkel offers a full range of metal pretreatment solutions to reduce process steps, improve efficiency, and increase cost savings. Our solutions will help you achieve enhanced paint adhesion and corrosion protection with less energy and water consumption, less wastewater, and more environmentally conscious formulas.

All our product solutions are supported by a full range of dispensing equipment that can easily be integrated into your existing manufacturing processes.

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Our process and product portfolio

Nanotechnology Product


  • Lower energy and water use: BONDERITE M-NT 1 operates at ambient temperatures, reducing energy use and associated CO2
  • Reduced hazardous waste: Free of nickel, phosphates, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and regulated chemicals
  • Marginal sludge formation: Significant savings in hazardous waste generation
  • Fewer process steps: Activation and passivation are no longer required; contact times are simultaneously reduced

Autodeposition Product


  • Requires significantly less manpower and equipment, less cycle time, energy, part rework and handling
  • Reduced energy: BONDERITE M-PP and powder coating topcoats are “co-cured” in a single oven, significantly reducing energy requirements and the production footprint
  • Environmental benefits: No toxic heavy metals, very low VOCs

Additional Coating Products

Rust Preventatives
Henkel offers a comprehensive line of BONDERITE neutral cleaners and rust preventatives to protect metal surfaces.

Henkel offers products and engineering services that can make you more competitive in the demanding business of engine and transmission remanufacturing.

Anti-Weld Spatter
Henkel’s innovative Anti-Weld Spatter coatings protect welding equipment and parts by preventing metal spatter from adhering to the contact tip, nozzle and surrounding parts.

Functional Coating Equipment

  • Process Control Systems
  • Pretreatment Support Equipment
  • Equipment and Data Management Systems
  • Equipment field service support
  • Customized equipment solutions and systems

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