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Fluid Reservoir

Fluid Collection Reservoir Bonding
Adhesives are the most cost effective assembly method for fluid collection, separation and storage devices. Henkel offers a comprehensive line of light curing formulations for every application in this medical assembly process:

  • Fluid collection reservoir bonding and assembly
  • Fluid storage reservoir assembly and bonding
  • Fluid separation reservoir bonding and assembly

Whether you are producing large fluid storage reservoirs or small, high performance fluid monitoring devices, LoctiteÆ brand medical device adhesives provide structural bonds, increased throughput and superior gap filling capabilities.

Why Henkel for Fluid Storage Reservoir Bonding?
Henkel understands the unique requirements of the medical device industry and offers the most comprehensive adhesive product line to meet those challenges. Advantages of medical device adhesives over welding or mechanical assembly methods include:

  • Joins dissimilar substrates
  • Distributes stresses evenly
  • Fills large gaps
  • Seals and bonds
  • Results in a neat appearance
  • Is easily automated

Our light curing adhesives for fluid storage reservoir assembly cure in seconds and fill moderate to large gaps, thus eliminating the need for highly precision (machined) joints and costly ultrasonic welding equipment.

Most of our formulations for fluid collection reservoir bonding are fluorescent to facilitate in-line inspection. Adhesives range from flexible versions for combination substrates to high, modulus structural bonders. All of our medical device adhesives are tested to the industry’s strictest ISO 10993 biocompatibility program.
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