Filter Adhesives for the Oil and Gas Industry

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In today’s oil and gas industry, filters and filtration systems are used extensively in refineries, power plants, along pipelines, and even at the extraction sites.  Typical applications include removal of both solid and liquid contaminants in oil and natural gas, as well as the treatment of natural gas and oil by removing acids and hydrocarbons from water.  Although filter configurations vary greatly, the filtration media and membranes they contain are designed for the following purposes:

  •  Separation in oil and gas extraction (oil from water)
  •  Gas purification
  •  Oil and gas recovery flows
  •  Crude oil treatment
  •  Produced water treatment
  •  Other water flows  

As the need for greater separation efficiency and finer cut points in most separations continues to grow, the demands for better performance of the filters and filtration systems are increasing.  More and more, microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane systems are tasked to remove the last traces of oil in the injection and fracking fluids, as well as the effluent from waste treatment plants.


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