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Conversion Coatings

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A conversion coating is a protective surface layer on a metal that is created by chemical reaction between the metal and a chemical solution. Henkel offers multiple options in conversion coatings and chemical coatings for metal pretreatment processes. In addition to phosphate coating products, we also offer phosphate free and heavy metal free formulations; these conversion coatings both clean and coat metal surfaces. Henkel also offers solutions that can simultaneously treat steel and multi-metal substrates.

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Electroceramic Conversion Coating
The electroceramic coating process includes an electroceramic coating of titanium oxide, which is applied to aluminum and titanium alloys. The process produces a flexible, wear resistant and corrosion resistant coating that can stand alone or accept an organic coating or adhesive.

Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating
These chemical coatings convert the metal surface to a nonmetallic, iron phosphate coating that inhibits corrosion and improves the adhesion and durability of paint finishes.

Light Metals Conversion Coating
From Henkel’s trusted Alodine® brand, our Light Metal Conversion Coating products provide an outstanding paint base and bonding surface for aluminum substrates. Environmentally responsible formulations of these chemical coatings are available, and we also have standard chromate conversion coatings for MIL-Spec applications.

Manganese Phosphate Conversion Coating
These corrosion-resistant coatings reduce wear on pistons, rings, liners, camshafts and other bearing surfaces. Their use encourages rapid break-in of moving parts by preventing metal-to-metal contact between bearing surfaces. They also increase the lubrication of treated surfaces and remove light metal scratches caused by machining.

Nanoceramic Conversion Coating
Henkel's zirconium-based nanotechnology provides a green alternative to traditional iron phosphate.

Phosphate Free Conversion Coating
The next generation of chemical coatings offers an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional phosphate coatings. Their low energy, low maintenance and low waste treatment requirements result in significant cost savings.

Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating
Zinc Phosphate conversion coatings convert a metal surface to a nonmetallic coating containing iron, manganese, nickel and zinc phosphates.

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