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Tapes, Labels & Graphics (PSAs)

Application Expertise with PSAs

Henkel creates competitive advantage for you by delivering innovative solutions for your pressure sensitive adhesive application challenges. Our dedicated, market-focused specialists have a thorough understanding of polymer and adhesion science, allowing them to quickly recommend the right adhesive to meet your application requirements.

Global Supply, Regional Support with PSAs The coordination of our global team, in combination with our expertise in pressure sensitive technology, keeps you safe from the uncertainty of raw material supply, secure in the knowledge that you can source quality materials when you need them, and assured that you can continue to grow your business with confidence.
High Quality Products with PSAs

With decades of experience in pressure sensitive adhesive applications, Henkel is well aware of the precision needed to produce reliable, safe and effective products.  Our team of application specialists, our extensive laboratory testing capabilities and our process knowledge empowered by Lean Six Sigma methodology ensure we manufacture high-quality, consistent adhesive products.

Innovate with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Whether your need a product for a new challenging application, technical support from a functional specialist or a collaborative business partner, Henkel remains true to the spirit of innovative collaboration, evolving with your needs as your business advances and grows.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives High Solids Portfolio

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This quick guide provides a brief overview of our high solids products to assist you in making the right adhesive choice to meet your needs.
(LT-6503, 4/12)

Medical Device Applications for PSAs

Henkel provides high quality pressure sensitive adhesives for many medical applications.
(LT-6976, 5/14)

Sustainability - Pressure Sensitives

As a market leader in pressure sensitive adhesives, Henkel offers a wide range of technologies to promote your green and sustainable goals.
(LT-5423, 02/09)