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LOCTITE® Liofol® LA2790-22/LA5026-21 System

Liofol® UR2790-22/UR5026-21 Adhesive System is a commerical, two-component, solvent-based, polyurethane adhesive for flexible packaging laminating,

LOCTITE® Liofol® Visual Carded Packaging

LOCTITE® Liofol® HS B7707AR is a unique water-based heatseal that provides perfectly bonded RPET blister packages and does not crystallize over time.
(LT-5619, 06/09)

Loctite® Liofol® Adhesive Meets Your Need for Speed, Productivity and Safety
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Henkel introduces LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 1640-21™, a first of its kind laminating adhesive that provides all the benefits of a typical polyurethane system with the added value of a fast cure time and instant direct food compliance.
(LT-6594, 08/13)
Loctite® Liofol® CS 22-861US1™
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The high demand for speed and efficiency in food packaging operations has led to an innovative cold seal coating from Henkel. It can be applied in excess of 1,000 fpm.
(LT-6062, 08/13)
Loctite® Liofol® Laminating Adhesives (156 KB)
Improved Solventless Smart Cure™ Technology for Flexible Packaging is now even easier, safer, faster and green!
(LT-5712, 08/13)
LOCTITE® Liofol® LA 7775-22/LA 6097-23 Sell Sheet
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Henkel introduces LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 7775-22™ / LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 6097-23™ high-performance laminating adhesive to the flexible packaging industry, bringing improvements to the converter laminating process.
(LT-6597, 08/13)

LOCTITE® Liofol® LA 7773-21/LA 6016-21 Sell Sheet
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The first new-generation product unveiled by Henkel is LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 7773-21™ with LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 6016-21™ curing agent, a two-component, solventless polyurethane adhesive for flexible packaging laminating.
(LT-6136, 08/13)
Bio-Based Adhesive Facts for PLA Films
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Emphasis on sustainability has generated increased interest in the use of PLA (polylactic acid) films for flexible packaging applications.
(LT-6363, 08/13)
Bio-Based Laminating Adhesive Facts for Flexible Packaging
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Henkel has developed a laminating adhesive that has a high content of bio-derived raw materials that bonds well to a variety of substrates that are commonly used in the flexible packaging industry.
(LT-6393, 08/13)
Flexible Pkg- Improved Solventless Smart Cure

Smart Cure Laminating Adhesives from Liofol® are superior to current fast cure technology; curing faster and providing greater migration compliance to food safety regulations. Improved Solventless Smart Cure Technology for Flexible Packaging is now even easier, safer, faster and green!
(LT-5712, 8/13)