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Consumer Packaging

Aquence® XP 77™ Series of Products (131 KB)
Our XP 77™ Series of products offers bottle labelers an improvement in performance over traditional synthetics and natural hybrids.
(LT-6529, 9/13)
Food Safety Brochure (348 KB)
We help our customers as well as our marketing, manufacturing and R&D departments to be fully informed about health, safety and environment matters relating to our products and raw materials.
(LT-6616, 9/13)
Technomelt® SUPRA 400™ COOL Sell Sheet (176 KB)
The Supra COOL line of products from Henkel has been formulated to merge the benefits of COOL Technology with the high performance our customers expect from the Supra brand!
(LT-6591, 9/13)
Technomelt® EM156A™ Sell Sheet (160 KB)
Henkel is proud to introduce the first in a new range of product technology to combine trusted and traditional PSA-machining characteristics with the high end-use performance of metallocenebased polymers.
(LT-6779, 9/13)
Technomelt® 500™ COOL (188 KB)
Developed with a focus on the Food Packaging Market, Technomelt® 500™ Cool sets a new standard for safety and quality.
(LT-6771, 8/13)

Technomelt® 8000™ (168 KB)
Technomelt® 8000™ provides the proven in-line performance of our standard packaging hot melts with excellent high tack and set speed for customer applications requiring resistance to pop opens, especially at refrigerator and freezer temperatures.
(LT-6772, 8/13)
Technomelt® 8370 Packaging Hot Melt

Henkel packaging adhesives are recognized as the standard for carton and case sealing.
(LT-7310, 4/11)

Drug Delivery Polymers

DURO-TAK and GELVA Transdermal PSAs

Henkel is known as a leading innovator in synthetic and natural polymer chemistries. DURO-TAK® and GELVA® pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are approved in over 50 unique commercial patches around the globe.
(LT-5286, 10/13)

Adhesive Solutions for Drug Delivery Systems

Henkel offers three innovative excipient platforms for transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery - DUROTAK® and GELVA® transdermal pressure sensitive adhesives; PROLOC® bioadhesives for transmucosal delivery; and VELOX™ MCS (microcrystalline starch) for multiparticulate delivery.
(LT-6992, 6/14)

DURO-TAK and GELVA Product Selection Guide

(344 KB)
Choosing the right adhesive is crucial in achieving the desired efficacy for your patch. Drug flux, drug- in-adhesive loading capacity, enhancer tolerance, system stability, skin compatibility, length of wear and appearance are critical to success.
(LT-5343, 11/13)

PROLOC Bioadhesives Brochure

Henkel’s proprietary PROLOC bioadhesive technology provides a superior means to deliver therapeutic agents locally and across mucosal membranes at various absorption sites (buccal/sublingual, vaginal, nasal, ocular and rectal).
(LT-5342, 10/13)

PROLOC Bioadhesives for Transmucosal Drug Delivery

PROLOC bioadhesives permit high active-ingredient loading, while maintaining good adhesion, and are suitable for chronic indications that require daily application.
(LT-6459, 10/13)

VELOX MCS Brochure

VELOX MCS (microcrystalline starch) is a new proprietary excipient for the preparation of pharmaceutical pellets, which enables rapid and complete release of poorly soluble drugs.
(LT-6793, 9/13)

Envelopes and Direct Mail

Best Practices for Front Seam Gumming

(1.43 MB)

Proper application of the front seal is one of the most critical factors in producing envelopes of good quality. Provided here are some suggestions and the current industry best practices for each.

(LT-5662, 07/09)

Best Practices for Pressure Sensitive Seal Gumming

(0.99 MB)

Pressure sensitive gum is among the most difficult to work with of all envelope gums. It requires special handling during application and packaging of finished envelopes.

(LT-5664, 07/09)

Best Practices for Rotary Side Seam Gumming

(1.89 MB)

Of all gumming issues, those involving the side seam are among the most common. The water-based gums currently in use for rotary side seams in the envelope industry will lose their effectiveness if not handled properly.

(LT-5665, 07/09)

Best Practices for Self-Seal Latex Gumming

(1.47 MB)

Self-seal latex is among the most sensitive of all envelope gums. It requires special handling during storage, application and packaging of finished envelopes.

(LT-5663, 07/09)

Best Practices for Window Patch Gumming

(1.84 MB)

The water-based gums currently in use for window gumming in the envelope industry will lose their effectiveness if not handled properly. Excessive exposure to air or high shear will cause the window gum to lose moisture as a result of evaporation.

(LT-5666, 07/09)


3D Autofill - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions regarding the 3D Autofill systems.
(LT-5772, 01/11)

3D Autofill - MK3 Melt Tank Loader Manual

3D MK3 Melt Tank Loader - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. The 3D Autofill hot melt tank saves you money on labor costs by automating the tank filling process; and it also improves your plant safety by avoiding exposure to hot surfaces.
(LT-5260, 07/09)

3D Autofill - Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance measures to help keep the 3D Autofill System running properly.
(LT-6153, 09/09)

3D Autofill - Sensor Level Adjustment

Sensor Level Adjustment Guide: Basic Instructions for the 3D Autofill units
(LT-6152, 09/09)

The Freedom System

The Freedom™ System is an integrated hot melt packaging system designed to work hand and hand with TECHNOMELT® Freedom-Certified Adhesives.


(1.76 MB)
The ProControl™ patented monitoring and control system produces accurate dispense quantities per unit, has unsurpassed process optimization and provides real-time proof of your production.
(LT-6922, 3/14)

Flexible Packaging

LOCTITE® Liofol® LA2790-22/LA5026-21 System

Liofol® UR2790-22/UR5026-21 Adhesive System is a commerical, two-component, solvent-based, polyurethane adhesive for flexible packaging laminating,

LOCTITE® Liofol® LA7724-21/UR6020 Adhesive System

LOCTITE® Liofol® LA7724-21/UR6020 Adhesive System now offers a unique combination of benefits that helps to optimize the entire lamination process.
(LT-5881, 02/10)

LOCTITE® Liofol® Visual Carded Packaging

LOCTITE® Liofol® HS B7707AR is a unique water-based heatseal that provides perfectly bonded RPET blister packages and does not crystallize over time.
(LT-5619, 06/09)

Loctite® Liofol® Adhesive Meets Your Need for Speed, Productivity and Safety
(193 KB)
Henkel introduces LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 1640-21™, a first of its kind laminating adhesive that provides all the benefits of a typical polyurethane system with the added value of a fast cure time and instant direct food compliance.
(LT-6594, 08/13)
Loctite® Liofol® CS 22-861US1™
(184 KB)
The high demand for speed and efficiency in food packaging operations has led to an innovative cold seal coating from Henkel. It can be applied in excess of 1,000 fpm.
(LT-6062, 08/13)
Loctite® Liofol® Laminating Adhesives (156 KB)
Improved Solventless Smart Cure™ Technology for Flexible Packaging is now even easier, safer, faster and green!
(LT-5712, 08/13)
LOCTITE® Liofol® LA 7775-22/LA 6097-23 Sell Sheet
(209 KB)
Henkel introduces LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 7775-22™ / LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 6097-23™ high-performance laminating adhesive to the flexible packaging industry, bringing improvements to the converter laminating process.
(LT-6597, 08/13)

LOCTITE® Liofol® LA 7773-21/LA 6016-21 Sell Sheet
(397 KB)
The first new-generation product unveiled by Henkel is LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 7773-21™ with LOCTITE® LIOFOL® LA 6016-21™ curing agent, a two-component, solventless polyurethane adhesive for flexible packaging laminating.
(LT-6136, 08/13)
Bio-Based Adhesive Facts for PLA Films
(250 KB)
Emphasis on sustainability has generated increased interest in the use of PLA (polylactic acid) films for flexible packaging applications.
(LT-6363, 08/13)
Bio-Based Laminating Adhesive Facts for Flexible Packaging
(225 KB)
Henkel has developed a laminating adhesive that has a high content of bio-derived raw materials that bonds well to a variety of substrates that are commonly used in the flexible packaging industry.
(LT-6393, 08/13)
Flexible Pkg- Improved Solventless Smart Cure

Smart Cure Laminating Adhesives from Liofol® are superior to current fast cure technology; curing faster and providing greater migration compliance to food safety regulations. Improved Solventless Smart Cure Technology for Flexible Packaging is now even easier, safer, faster and green!
(LT-5712, 8/13)

General Packaging

AccuStripe Program Overview

AccuStripe is a “real time” adhesive flow monitoring system for liquid based adhesive applications offered specifically by Henkel Corporation.

Henkel Industrial Adhesives Sourcebook

(2.8 MB)

Henkel is the leader in adhesive innovation, with unparalleled expertise in emulsion, hot melt, solution, 100% solids and reactive adhesive chemistries.

(LT-5798, 04/13)

Sustainability - Packaging Adhesive Technologies

Target Sustainability with Henkel’s Packaging Adhesive Technologies - Henkel provides a full range of green-enabling technologies engineered to assist you in achieving your company’s green and sustainable goals.

Tapes, Labels & Graphics (PSAs)

Application Expertise with PSAs

Henkel creates competitive advantage for you by delivering innovative solutions for your pressure sensitive adhesive application challenges. Our dedicated, market-focused specialists have a thorough understanding of polymer and adhesion science, allowing them to quickly recommend the right adhesive to meet your application requirements.

Global Supply, Regional Support with PSAs The coordination of our global team, in combination with our expertise in pressure sensitive technology, keeps you safe from the uncertainty of raw material supply, secure in the knowledge that you can source quality materials when you need them, and assured that you can continue to grow your business with confidence.
High Quality Products with PSAs

With decades of experience in pressure sensitive adhesive applications, Henkel is well aware of the precision needed to produce reliable, safe and effective products.  Our team of application specialists, our extensive laboratory testing capabilities and our process knowledge empowered by Lean Six Sigma methodology ensure we manufacture high-quality, consistent adhesive products.

Innovate with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Whether your need a product for a new challenging application, technical support from a functional specialist or a collaborative business partner, Henkel remains true to the spirit of innovative collaboration, evolving with your needs as your business advances and grows.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives High Solids Portfolio

(4.6 MB)
This quick guide provides a brief overview of our high solids products to assist you in making the right adhesive choice to meet your needs.
(LT-6503, 4/12)

Medical Device Applications for PSAs

Henkel provides high quality pressure sensitive adhesives for many medical applications.
(LT-6976, 5/14)

Sustainability - Pressure Sensitives

As a market leader in pressure sensitive adhesives, Henkel offers a wide range of technologies to promote your green and sustainable goals.
(LT-5423, 02/09)