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Step 1. Cleaners






Alkaline Cleaners
♦ Applied by spray, immersion and stripline units
♦ Recommended for use before Bonderite® conversion coating processes
♦ Removes organic soils such as dirt, oils and grease

In-Process Cleaners with Rust Preventatives
♦ Applied by spray or immersion
♦ Corrosion inhibitors designed for short term protection
♦ Recommended for light - to moderate - duty cleaning and protecting needs

Acid Cleaners
♦ Used prior to applying conversion coatings
♦ Remove inorganic soils such as weld and laser scale, and other oxides such as rust
♦ Widely used as maintenance cleaners

Plastic Cleaners
♦ Specially formulated, water-based cleaners
♦ Designed to prepare a wide range of plastics for painting

Industrial & Solvent Blend Cleaners
♦ Wide spectrum solvent blends for prepaint, equipment and general-purpose cleaning applications
♦ Supplied in the form of saturated wipes, pails and drums

Step 2. Conditioners






Used prior to the conversion coating stage with no rinse between the stages to leave a chemical deposit of conditioner to aid in the development of the proper phosphate crystals on the metal surface.

Conditioners for Manganese Phosphate

Conditioners for Zinc Phosphate

Step 3. Conversion Coatings






Iron Phosphate Cleaner Coaters
♦ Clean and deposit an iron phosphate conversion coating on metal service prior to painting
♦ Wipe-on, spray wand and three-stage washer products are available.

Iron Phosphate Conversion Coatings
♦ Convert the metal surface to a nonmetalic, iron phosphate coating
♦ Inhibit corrosion
♦ Increases the adhesion and durability of paint finishes

Manganese Phosphate
♦ Corrosion resistant
♦ Reduces wear
♦ Increases lubrication of treated surfaces due to the oil-absorptive coating
♦ Removes light metal scratches remaining from machining operations

Non-Phosphate / Nano Technology
♦ Environmentally responsible alternative to traditional phosphate coatings
♦ Low energy
♦ Low maintenance
♦ Low waste treatment costs

Zinc Phosphate
Converts metal surface to nonmetallic, polycrystalline zinc phosphate coating

Light Metal Conversion Coatings
♦ Excellent paint base and bonding surface for aluminum substrates
♦ RoHS compliant
♦ Chrome-free or trivalent chrome products are available
♦ Conversion coatings for mil-spec applications are also offered

Step 4. Post Treatments







Light Metals Post Treatment
♦ Enhance the performance of our conversion coating products for light metal applications.

Multi-Metal Post Treatment
♦ Enhance the performance of our conversion coating product for multi-metal applications.



Henkel’s BONDERITE M-PP 930CTM is a water-based reactive paint coating designed to overcome the challenges of paint application on grey and ductile iron castings.  LT-6785 (10/13)

Remanufacturing Reference Guide

With our broad product and technology portfolio, we can offer cleaners to degrease, de-rust, and strip paint; lubricants and coolants to refurbish worn parts; and adhesives and sealants to reassemble core parts to like-new condition. LT-6606 (2/16).

Functional Coatings Solutions

(1,9 MB)
Metal Pretreatment, Cleaners and Specialty Coatings

Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide

Choose the right solution and product for a wide range of common industrial challenges. LT-6266 (3/13).

EC2 ElectroCeramic Coating

A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, titanium and related alloys.  LT-4958 (1/13).

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