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Alodine® 4595™ Environmentally Sound Conversion Coating

Henkel developed Alodine 4595 as an effective drop-in-place replacement for chromate conversion coatings used on aluminum wheels and trim.

Loctite® 262™ Threadlocker Locks Locomotive Traction Motor Mounting Bearing Bolts

Loctite® 262™ High Strength Threadlocker helps to eliminate the chance of locomotive derailment.

Toughened Instant Adhesive Provides a Quick Solution on Soft Drink Bottling Line

Black Max® Instant Adhesive is strong enough to withstand the constant pressure and saved over $3,300 in materials and labor costs.

Loctite® 290™ Threadlocker Keeps Hydropulper Gearbox Tight

Loctite® 290™ Wicking Grade Threadlocker prevents misalignment problems and equipment failures.

Loctite® 290™ Threadlocker Improves Bus Bar Assembly, Eliminates Fire Hazard

Loctite® 290™ Threadlocker eliminates bolt loosening and fire hazard.

Loctite® RC™ 609™ Provides Superior Fit For Coupling Hub

Loctite® RC™ 609™ makes a stronger fit than the original interference fit.

Loctite® 262™ Threadlocker Stops Bolt Loosening Due to Vibration

Loctite® 262™ prevented a substantial amount of downtime and labor that had been needed for bolt retightening.

Gasket Eliminator® Seals Boiler Chamber Covers, Ends Unscheduled Outages

Loctite® Gasket Eliminator® 510™ has been holding the seals under constant operation at temperatures of 390°F at 250 psi.

Loctite® 3888™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Eliminates EMI in Lin Engineering Step Motors

Loctite® 3888™ completely eliminated the EMI with the added benefit that it also structurally reinforced the motor.

Loctite® RC™ 620™ Retaining Compound Eliminates Hours of Machining and Labor Costs

Loctite® RC™ 620™ Retaining Compound lengthens life cycle of parts by eliminating corrosion.

Loctite® 587™ Blue High Performance Silicone Provides Oil-Resistant Seal for Circulating Pump

Loctite® 587™ Blue forms a reliable gasket on the pump that  reduced Labor, material costs and unscheduled shutdowns associated with the leaky seals have been eliminated

Loctite® RC™ 680™ Retaining Compound Extends Housing & Bearing Life

Loctite® RC™ 680™ Retaining Compound extends the life of the fit between the housings and the bearings from 4-6 months to over two years.

Loctite® Black Max® 380™ Outlasts Contact Cement and Silicone

Loctite® Black Max® sealed this vacuum dryer for over two years, outlasting contact cement & other silicone.

Loctite® 242® Removable Threadlocker Ends Loose Screws on Commercial Door Hardware.

Loctite® 242® Removable Threadlocker is the quick and easy way to keep doors working properly.

Loctite® Instant Gasket Eliminates Costly Downtime For Calgary Brewery

Loctite Instant Gasket is blowout resistant and outperforms precut gaskets.

Loctite® Retaining Compound Keeps Bucket Loader Moving, Increases Mine Production

RC™ 680™ completely filled any voids in the fit of the two parts, while increasing strength.

New Loctite® DuPont® High Temp Bearing Lubricant Lasts Over Three Months

Loctite DuPont Krytox® RFE PFPE Bearing Lubricant lasts over 3 months and has saved this customer a minimum of $520,000 per year.

Loctite® Fastgasket® Doubles Market For Hammond Manufacturing

Loctite® Fastgasket Flange Sealant allows gaskets to be foamed for material reduction and better compression.