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Bottle Labeling Adhesive Solutions from Henkel

Henkel has developed innovative new bottle labeling adhesives that provide excellent performance on all label stocks and containers, at the highest manufacturing speed, and that can survive the most extreme temperatures.

Many products are custom-formulated depending on their desired end use and the customer’s specific production needs.

The Importance of Appearance

In addition to performance, Henkel recognizes the importance of the label’s appearance on the finished product. Because of the essential role labeling plays in brand recognition and consumer choice, Henkel’s comprehensive range of high-performance bottle label adhesives deliver optimal adhesion. Customers can always rely upon an attractive finished product. 

Choose the right Bottle Label Adhesive to meet your needs:

Labeling Hot Melt Adhesives
Water Based Labeling Adhesives

The Highest Standards
Maintaining or improving efficiency for our customers is Henkel’s primary focus.

We offer bottle label adhesive solutions for every container type and manufacturing process. Henkel adhesives adhere to the highest safety standards and are approved for use on material containing food.

Henkel’s core range of products includes synthetic adhesives, hybrid adhesives, dispersion adhesives, caseine adhesives, starch adhesives, and hot-melts. The company’s products are applied in customer applications including:

  • Plastic patch labeling;
  • Contour bottles;
  • Pallets; and
  • Special recycling applications.

Bottle Label Equipment
In addition to our bottle label adhesives, Henkel also offers a line of equipment designed to provide optimum performance during the manufacturing process.

Equipment for the Packaging Industry

Henkel offers a variety of package sealing solutions including 3D Autofill hot melt auto-feed and ProControl™ dispensing systems.


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