Adhesives and Sealants for Agriculture and Construction Vehicle Assembly Applications

Faster and Lower-Cost Assembly

From structural bonding to seam sealing and window glazing, we provide a complete range of technologies that allow you to reduce or replace traditional mechanical fastening and sealing methods in a variety of assembly applications.

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Seam Sealing: Fill Gaps and Leak Paths

Designed to prevent leakage, our robust seam sealants work effectively on metals, plastics and composites, and can be applied during any phase of vehicle or component assembly. Our current seam sealant technologies include products that are paintable and resistant to the high heat of paint cure process.

  • Products engineered to adhere to bare oily metals in the body shop
  • Painted components in the paint and trim shop
  • Products designed to endure high temperature e-coat/powder coat lines
  • Room temperature cure applications exposed to direct sun, elements and weather

Window Glazing: Bond and Seal Windows

Primarily designed to bond windscreens to vehicle cabins, our wide range of window glazing adhesives simplify and improve the assembly process while improving torsional stiffness and vehicle safety. Based on the substrates and desired drive-away time, Henkel offers a variety of engineered products and primers that provide exceptional performance. These include products formulated to provide primerless adhesion and instant fixturing to products, with controlled and uniform curing.

The benefits of using a window glazing product are:

  • Seal in/out heat, liquids, solids and gases (e.g. moisture, dirt and exhaust)
  • Improve safety, aesthetics and drag
  • Airtight seal results in improved noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) enhancements
  • Higher strength for increased glass retention
  • More automated assembly process reduces labor costs

Structural Bonding: Weld and Fastener Reduction

For use between flexible sheet metals, rigid castings/extrusions, and/or composite/plastic materials.

Primarily designed to replace welds, rivets and other mechanical fasteners in the body, paint or trim shops, our wide range of high strength structural and elastic bonders simplify and improve the design and assembly processes while improving aesthetics, performance and processing costs.

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