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Anesthesia Mask Bonding

Henkel’s light curing adhesives are ideal for anesthesia mask assembly.

As a leader and innovator in this rapidly growing adhesive technology, Henkel offers the most extensive variety of properties of all light cure chemistries.

For anesthesia mask bonding, our light curing acrylics combine a near infinite open time with rapid curing (5-30 seconds). The result? High adhesion and superior processing.

Why Henkel for Anesthesia Mask Assembly?
Henkel understands the unique requirements of the medical device industry and offers the most comprehensive adhesive product line to meet those challenges. Advantages of medical device adhesives over welding or mechanical assembly methods include:

  • Joins dissimilar substrates
  • Distributes stresses evenly
  • Fills large gaps
  • Seals and bonds
  • Results in a neat appearance
  • Is easily automated

When safe and reliable anesthesia mask bonding is the goal, Henkel’s light cure adhesives are formulated for structural strength and adhesion to plastics.

Upon exposure to suitable UV and/or visible light, acrylics produce tough, durable thermoset polymers. Cured properties range from hard and rigid to soft and flexible. Easily automated, fluorescent versions allow in-line detection of the adhesive.

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