Adhesive Solutions for Air Filters

Industrial filters must consistently deliver clean air under severe operating conditions. Whether the filters are used in automotive engines, heavy-duty equipment, dust  collectors or vacuum cleaners, buyers demand high performance and reliability.

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Key Benefits of Henkel Solutions:

  • Wide range of processing speeds
  • High temperature resistance
  • High durability
  • High bond strength
  • High flexibility
  • Foaming Capabilities
  • Industry approvals: UL 900 and UL 94 V-0

Automotive Air Filters

Heavy-duty air filters for construction vehicles need to withstand harsh operating environments. Many applications require high temperature and chemical resistance.

Our Solutions:

  • First pleat/last pleat bonding: EVA and PA hot melts with a range of temperature resistance
  • End cap bonding: Durable 2-part polyurethane and epoxy adhesives
  • Spiral wrap bonding: PUR and PO hot melts with higher performance or cost-effective Options


Industrial Air – High Efficiency Filters

The stakes are high for laboratory, clean room and industrial filters. Dust contaminants can compromise an entire  electronic assembly or skew the results of a laboratory study.

Our solutions for manufacturing HEPA and ULPA filters:

  • Pleating: EVA hot melt adhesives with fast open and set speeds, foamable for cost savings; PA hot melts for higher temperatures
  • Frame bonding: Two-part polyurethane adhesives with a range of viscosities, flame retardant, range of pot life/cure speeds

Industrial Air – Commercial and Residential Filters

Air filters for commercial, residential and industrial use must consistently deliver high performance and reliability.

Our Solutions:

  • Panel (HVAC) filters: Hot melt and PVA water-based adhesives for frame bonding for plastic and paper frames; two-part polyurethanes for metal and plastic frames
  • Bag filters: Hot melt and PVA water-based adhesives for seam sealing and frame bonding with a range of  temperature resistance and open times/cure speeds

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