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Adhesives are a superior alternative to nuts and bolts and other mechanical fasteners for almost every application. Adhesives improve reliability, performance and operating life, and are a cost-effective solution for a variety of challenges.

Here are a few examples:

For Threadlocking

Nuts and bolts loosen over time due to vibration, shock, and temperature changes. Fastener loosening is one of the major causes of industrial equipment failure and results in millions of dollars of unscheduled downtime each year.

LOCTITE threadlockers are liquid and semi-solid adhesives that are applied to the threads of a fastener and cure to a hard thermoset plastic when applied between metal surfaces. They cure in the absence of air and completely fill the gaps between mating threads to lock threads and joints.


  • Prevent unwanted movement, loosening, leaks and corrosion
  • Resist vibration
  • Single-component – clean and easy to apply
  • Can be used on all sizes of fasteners, reducing inventory costs
  • Removable with hand tools or heat

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For Structural Bonding

Structural bonding offers many advantages in the manufacture and assembly of structural elements such as panels, covers and frames. Structural bonding outperforms traditional fastening methods like welds, rivets or bolts and allows lightweight construction and new designs such as thinner metal panels.

LOCTITE structural bonding solutions include adhesives for metal bonding, plastic and composite bonding, multiple surface bonding, magnet bonding, and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).


  • Eliminates or significantly reduces costly mechanical fasteners
  • Improved aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Fills large gaps between parts

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For Gasket Sealing

Cut or molded gaskets can fail or leak for a number of reasons. They are easily misaligned, can become compression set, may break due to over-tightening, and become brittle with age. They also require a large inventory of sizes.

LOCTITE gasket sealants prevent leakage of fluids or gases by forming impervious barriers. They cure in the presence of metal and absence of air to form a durable seal between components.


  • Replace conventional gaskets by reducing inventory – can provide up to a 95% material savings over hard gaskets
  • Offer design flexibility, allowing for lower cost manufacturing methods
  • Provide a perfect seal between components, filling all voids
  • Won’t shrink, crack, or relax
  • Resist high pressure when carefully cured
  • No need for re-torquing
  • Highly resistant to solvents

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For Retaining

Securing cylindrical assemblies with shrink, press and slip fits has a number of shortcomings. They require costly machining to obtain very close tolerances, are subject to stress and distortion from force and heat, and are prone to fretting, corrosion and leaks.

LOCTITE retaining compounds bond close-fitting, cylindrical metal parts and can improve or eliminate shrink, press and slip fit assemblies. Applied as a liquid, they fill the “inner space” between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly.


  • High-strength products can carry high loads
  • Fills all voids to prevent corrosion and fretting
  • 100% contact – load and stress is distributed evenly over the joint

When used in combination with shrink fits or press fits:

  • Higher load transmission and performance with existing designs and geometry
  • Equal performance by lower interference/lighter construction

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