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Adhesives are a vital component in the manufacturing and production of a wide array of industrial products.

Our complete line of industrial adhesives allows manufacturers the ability to bond a variety of different substrates under a wide range of process and environmental parameters. We offer a wide variety of products that can be applied by brush, roller coating, spray and even as contact cements to fit your specific assembly process.

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What is Adhesive?
The word adhesive is so familiar that we may not realize it has a specific definition that diverges slightly from other products used for the same purpose.

An adhesive is used to bond items together. It may be used in either a liquid or semi-solid form. Some adhesives are naturally occurring but most are produced from synthetic sources. The bond created through the use of an adhesive can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes before it is secure. This process is known as curing.

Adhesives are also produced and marketed under other names, including the follow:

Structural adhesives made from acrylic polymers are valued for their high temperature resistance, UV resistance, and stability in outdoor exposure. The term “acrylics” is generally used to describe adhesives made from acrylic, methacrylic and cyanoacrylic acids.

The word anaerobic pertains to the absence of oxygen. An anaerobic adhesive, therefore, forms a bond between surfaces when air is excluded. These adhesives typically cure or harden in this atmosphere, after being applied in liquid form.

Adhesives that are cyanoacrylate are made from an acrylate base (“acrylate” meaning a salt or ester of acyrlate acid). These adhesives are used in a wide range of industrial and medical applications.

An epoxy is a thermosetting polymer that can be used as an adhesive, as well as for other applications. When used as an adhesive, an epoxy provides a powerful bond and outstanding chemical resistance.

A glue performs the same function as an adhesive. The word “glue” is used more informally, and dates back centuries to describe a product used for adhesion. Many adhesive glues are heated with water before they can work properly.

Hot Melt
As the name suggests, a hot melt is an adhesive that is applied in a heated, or molten state. These adhesives begin in solid form, become liquid after heat is applied, then revert to a solid state at normal temperature.

Gasket Sealant
A gasket sealant is a form of anaerobic adhesive used to prevent fluid or gas leaks, in place of a traditional manufactured gasket.

Sealants are most commonly used to close small openings that are difficult to shut with other materials. While there is an adhesive component to this function, sealants are also desired for their insolubility and resistance to corrosion. Most sealants have a lower strength than adhesives, however they are designed to maintain sufficient adhesion regardless of environment.

Silicone is a polymer synthetic compound that is used in a wide array of adhesive products. The term silicone adhesive is most often applied to pressure sensitive adhesives known for their bonding strength under extreme environmental conditions.

Quality Adhesives Backed By Reliable Service
With Henkel, manufacturers can rely upon high performance adhesives from recognized brands, delivered on time and at the lowest price available. The company’s objective of lowering costs and increasing performance for customers is the focus of every product delivered. Henkel’s team of engineers uses their experience to create adhesives, sealants and epoxies that generate increased efficiency, consistent reliability and lower maintenance costs.

An Adhesive Solution for Every Challenge
As the world leader in adhesives and sealants, Henkel provides global sales and technical customer service to manufacturing industries around the world.

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