Adhesive and Sealants for Home Appliances and HVAC Applications

The design and manufacture of appliances presents numerous challenges in assembly, mounting, fastening and sealing. Henkel’s solutions enable manufacturers to reduce or replace traditional mechanical fastening methods and improve the long-term durability of appliances. Download our catalogs below to find out more and view our product selection.

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Glass Bonding: Dependable Bonding


  • Silicones seal against moisture and solvents and withstand high temperatures.
  • Silane modified polymers (SMPs) provide strong, resilient bonds to many substrates without a primer.
  • Polyurethanes bond a wide variety of materials, including most metals, plastics and composites.
  • Light cure acrylics are excellent for bonding glass, metals and plastics for thin or transparent bondlines.

Foam Stop: Reliable Sealing


  • Hot melt adhesives bond a variety of substrates, including difficult-to-bond, painted surfaces.
  • Ideal for applications requiring high-speed manufacturing, large gap filling, fast green strength, and minimal shrinkage.

Thermally Conductive Bonding: High Thermal Efficiency


  • Solvent-free
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Good temperature resistance

Large Area Bonding: Bonding Insulation and Vaccum Insulation Panels


  • High initial tack for fast processing
  • High strength and thermally resistant
  • UL rating for flame and smoke index

Structural Bonding


  • More uniform stress distribution over the entire bond face
  • No change in surface and texture of the joined materials
  • Improved aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners
  • Weight saving
  • Sealed joints
  • Joining dissimilar materials and reducing the risk of corrosion

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Instant Bonding


  • Single component
  • Fast fixturing and cure for high volume, high speed production lines
  • Cure-on-demand capabilities

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