Types of Flange Gaskets

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Gasketing sealants can be used with many different types of materials including metals, wood, plastic, rubber, ceramics, glass, and even concrete. The type of sealant selected for a specific application depends on the material to be sealed, environmental conditions, temperature, and operating pressures in the system.


    There are Three Types of Flange Gaskets:

        1.    Conventional pre-cut compression gaskets are made from paper, rubber, cork, metal or other materials.
        2.    Formed-in-Place (FIP) gaskets are applied as a liquid sealant to one of the flange surfaces before the parts are assembled. After assembly, the FIP gasket spreads and cures between the flanges, filling gaps, scratches and surface irregularities to provide a durable seal.
        3.    Cured-in-Place (CIP) gaskets are liquids that are applied by machines. These machines dispense the gasket material in precise beads to one of the flanges. The material is cured by ultraviolet (UV) light to form an elastomeric material with adhesion to the flange surface. Sealing is achieved through compression of the cured gasket during flange assembly.

    Find the right Gasket Sealant for your industry:

    Vehicle Repair / Aftermarket

    Gasket sealants designed for use on the repair maintenance of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and marine equipment.

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