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Industrial Coatings for Every Application

From Henkel’s comprehensive line of automotive coatings (conversion coatings, phosphate coatings, underbody coatings) to floor sealants and topcoats, Henkel’s innovative industrial coating solutions are the result of research and development that considers all aspects of production.

Why are Industrial Coatings Important?
Wear and corrosion can cause industrial equipment failure, leading to costly repairs and downtime. Manufacturers recognize the importance of protecting these valuable assets, and one way to achieve this goal is with protective industrial coating and surface treatment products.

Loctite® Wear-Resistant and Protective Industrial Coatings offer superior protection for new and worn equipment in a variety of applications. Extending service life and increasing efficiency through reduced friction are just two examples of the benefits of using protective coatings to safeguard your assets.

Better Than Traditional Solutions
Traditional repair methods such as hard-face welding are time consuming and expensive. Henkel industrial coatings are easily applied on all surfaces and offer superior compressive strength and protection qualities.

These efficient products can help you restore and rebuild a wide variety of worn parts and return them to serviceable condition.

Value in Every Coating Solution

Henkel’s objective of lowering production costs is the focus of every product delivered. The company’s team of engineers uses their experience to create coatings that work toward increased efficiency, consistent reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Henkel's industrial coating technology portfolio offers effective solutions for all of today’s and tomorrow’s applications:

Conversion Coatings

Floor Sealants & Topcoats

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