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Industrial Cleaners

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Henkel offers an array of industrial cleaners to maintain all types of equipment and facilities. The company’s selection of cleaners, surface treatments, rust prevention products and corrosion prevention coatings deliver optimal performance every time.

Industrial Cleaner Applications
Henkel industrial cleaners remove dirt, grime or impurities from a surface. Both aqueous and solvent-based products are available. The company’s Loctite® brand products provide outstanding performance in the cleaning of parts. They are ideal for industrial and commercial environments in the painting, printing, maintenance, transportation and construction industries.

Industrial Cleaner Benefits
It is important to understand that adhesive joints are stronger the more thoroughly the surfaces are cleaned. The complete removal of oil, grease, dust and other residual dirt from the bond surface is required for the optimum performance of the adhesive joint.

Clean Products are Green Products

As more companies recognize the significance of environmental protection, Henkel is there to help with industrial cleaners that are free of Class I ozone-depleting chemicals, and biodegradable cleaners for a variety of applications.


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