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DTI® Coolant I-102™ Series and DTI®-360™ Series Products Eliminate Biocide Additives and Prevent Biological Growth

DTI® I-102™ Series and DTI®-360™ Series, eliminate or greatly reduce the need to add biocide for a manufacturer of aluminum cans.

Granocoat™ 342™ Non-chrome Acrylic Coating

Henkel developed Granocoat™ 342 to aid in a food storage application.

Henkel: Your Partner in Problem-Solving

With Henkel products, companies realize a multitude of benefits.


Loctite® Adhesives Designed Into NCP Trap Guns For Barrel-to-Barrel Uniformity

Loctite 620™, Loctite 290™ and Loctite 262™ remove the need to solder pieces in shotguns, thereby avoiding warping.

SpeedBonder™ 324 Adhesive Bonds Tiller Shift Lever Assembly

A manufacturer of tillers wanted to make some improvements that would reduce costs, yet increase overall performance. Previously-used adhesives had not been successful, because fresh paint on the rod prevented good adhesion. Loctite® SpeedBonder™ 324 was recommended.

Oil Applied With Loctite® Dispensing Equipment

Loctite® Rotospray 9000™ Dispensing System dispenses oil accurately without slowing down assembly process.

LOCTITE® Products Replace Welding in All-Aluminum Platform Trailer

LOCTITE adhesive takes the place of aluminum welding.

Loctite® 290™ Threadlocker Improves Bus Bar Assembly, Eliminates Fire Hazard

Loctite® 290™ Threadlocker eliminates bolt loosening and fire hazard.

Loctite® Retaining Products Prevent Hammer Mill Shutdown

Loctite RC™ 609™ Retaining Compound reduces the probability of the bearing spinning on the shaft, thereby reducing costs.

Loctite® RC™ 609™ Provides Superior Fit For Coupling Hub

Loctite® RC™ 609™ makes a stronger fit than the original interference fit.

Loctite® Impruv® 366™ Ultraviolet / Anaerobic Curing Adhesive Used to Replace Epoxy

Loctite® Impruv® 366™ improves the manufacturing process and eliminates defects caused by assembly process.

Proactive Maintenance Stops Leaks Before They Happen

Loctite® PST® 567™ seals better than traditional methods and saves money in the end.

Spindle Adjusting Studs Locked With Permanent Loctite® Threadlockers

Loctite® 271™ Permanent threadlocker increases locking ability while reducing costs.

Loctite® 587™ Blue High Performance Silicone Provides Oil-Resistant Seal for Circulating Pump

Loctite® 587™ Blue forms a reliable gasket on the pump that  reduced Labor, material costs and unscheduled shutdowns associated with the leaky seals have been eliminated

Loctite® RC™ 680™ Retaining Compound Extends Housing & Bearing Life

Loctite® RC™ 680™ Retaining Compound extends the life of the fit between the housings and the bearings from 4-6 months to over two years.

Loctite® 5920™ Copper High Temperature Silicone Seals Fiberglass Gasket in Place With No Leaks

Loctite® 5920™ Copper securely seals pulverizer doors to prevent potential coal dust leaks, yet doors remain easily removable for service or inspection.

Loctite® 242® Removable Threadlocker Ends Loose Screws on Commercial Door Hardware.

Loctite® 242® Removable Threadlocker is the quick and easy way to keep doors working properly.

Loctite® Retaining Compound Keeps Bucket Loader Moving, Increases Mine Production

RC™ 680™ completely filled any voids in the fit of the two parts, while increasing strength.