With LOCTITE® Liofol® laminating adhesives, substrates of all types can be transformed into high-performance laminates. Throughout the world flexible packaging converters trust Henkel’s LOCTITE Liofol adhesives when it comes to producing their laminates. We provide a broad range of laminating adhesives and coatings that meet the highest standards of performance and versatility. The LOCTITE Liofol product portfolio offers customers the best bonding solutions to cover all of their needs from standard applications to sophisticated laminates for the most demanding performance. See how LOCTITE Liofol can deliver for you.

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Application Technologies:

> Solventless Laminating Adhesives
> Solvent-based Laminating Adhesives
> Water-based Laminating Adhesives
> Coldseal Coatings

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Backed by more than 80 years of product innovation, technical experts around the globe are expanding our status as the leader in the development of laminating adhesives and coatings. To learn more about our LOCTITE Liofol brand of adhesives call, 1-800-4-liofol (1-800-454-6365).