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How-to Apply Threadlocker by Color Bonding vs Fastening

Locks threaded assemblies while protecting against vibration, corrosion and galling.

A threadlocker is an anaerobic adhesive used on threaded metals that cures at room temperature in the absence of air. The adhesive completely fills the gaps between mating threads to lock and seal the threaded assembly.

LOCTITE® Threadlockers come in a wide variety of strengths and specialty formulations, including permanent and removable threadlockers.

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  • Locks mating threads to prevent loosening from vibration & shock
  • Seals against fluids & corrosion
  • Provides lubricity to achieve controlled torque during assembly
  • Works on active metals (e.g., brass, copper) as well as passive metals (e.g., stainless steel, plated surfaces)
  • Resists extreme temperatures
  • Applies easily & cures rapidly

Find the Best Threadlocker for Your Industry:

Manufacturing & Assembly Maintenance & Repair (MRO) Vehicle Repair / Aftermarket
Industrial Manufacturing & Assembly CustomersIndustrial Maintenance & Repair CustomersVehicle Maintenance & Repair Customers

Threadlockers designed for use on industrial assembly applications in manufacturing facilities.

Threadlockers designed for use on industrial maintenance, repair & overhaul applications.

Threadlockers designed for use on the repair and maintenance of cars, motocycles, trucks, and marine equipment.

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