LOCTITE Adhesive Recycling Program Box

*some package sizes excluded

The Adhesive Recycling Program for anaerobic packaging is made possible through our innovative partnership with TerraCycle®. Through this program, your business can launch or meet your company-wide sustainability goals while still enjoying the benefits of your favorite Henkel products.

To participate, you must order a box for all your empty anaerobic LOCTITE® Adhesives.

Size Approx. Capacity
Large 890 bottles
Medium    455 bottles
Small 170 bottles






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Product information

IDH# Item Name Safety Data Sheets
2076397 2076397 Small - LOCTITE Adhesives Recycling Box
2076398 2076398 Medium - LOCTITE Adhesives Recycling Box
2076401 2076401 Large - LOCTITE Adhesives Recycling Box