LOCTITE PC 9626 Deep Pour Grout

(Known as Loctite Fixmaster Deep Pour Grout )

LOCTITE®PC 9626 Deep Pour Grout is anaggregate-filled, epoxy system that pours up to 6" deep, including self-leveling applications under rails and sole plates. High strength material bonds to steel, concrete, and itself. Withstands high torque loading. Grouting
Every piece of machinery and equipment in the industrial environment requires a suitable foundation and mounting system to reduce vibrations and misalignment. Pumps, generators, compressors, conveyors, pulverizers, mills, fluid drives, turbines and more must all maintain proper support and permanent alignment in order to provide optimum performance and low operating costs. LOCTITE grouts offer the foundation needed to achieve optimum equipment efficiency and performance. Key Features:

  • Aggregate-filled, epoxy system
  • Fills up to 6" deep
  • Good for self-leveling applications
  • High strength material bonds to steel, concrete, and itself
  • Withstands high torque loading

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Loctite PC 9626 (Loctite Fixmaster Deep Pour Grout)