LOCTITE NS 5109 High Temperature Gasket Sealant

(Known as Loctite High Temperature Gasket Maker )

LOCTITE® NS 5109 High Temperature Gasket Sealant is aslow-setting, non-hardening, high-temperature sealant. Recommended for heavy-duty applications. Seals up to 5,000 psi. Temperature range is -50F to 600F (-45C to 315C) intermittent. Resists common shop fluids. Applications include aircraft heating systems, steam lines.

Applications Gasket Sealant Dressings
Specifications Met Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Agency Approvals / Specifications CFIA Listed
Applications Sealing / Dressings for Existing Gaskets
Color Black
Key Characteristics Corrosion Free, Oil Resistant, Temperature: High Temperature
Physical Form Paste
Temperature Range (°C) -45 to 315
Temperature Range (°F) -50 to 600
Viscosity Range (Brookfield mPa.s (cP)) 75000 to 110000
Viscosity Temperature (°C) 25
Viscosity Temperature (°F) 77