LOCTITE PC 7222 Wear Resistant Putty

(Known as Loctite Fixmaster Wear-Resistant Putty )

2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating putty for protecting badly worn surfaces. Does not demonstrate shrinkage or sagging.

LOCTITE® PC 7222 Wear Resistant Puttyhaveceramic fibers that give this trowelable putty excellent wear and abrasion resistant properties under typical dry service temperatures of 29 to +107C (20 to +225F). Provides smooth, low friction finish for equipment exposed to wear, erosion, and cavitation.

Your Benefits

  • For badly worn surfaces
  • No shrinkage or sagging
  • Can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces
  • Conforms to odd shapes

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Loctite PC 7222 (Loctite Nordbak Wear Resistant Putty)