Orange, slow curing methacrylate gasketing product for close fitting metal flanges. Typical application is as a formed-in-place gasket for pumps, thermostats, compressors, transmission housings and axle covers.

LOCTITE® 549 is an orange, medium strength, slow curing, thixotropic methacrylate gasketing product. It cures in the absence of air at room temperature when confined within close fitting metal parts. It seals rigid metal faces and flanges. The viscosity is 20,000 mPas and service temperature -55 to +150ºC.

Your Benefits

  • Provides an instant seal to low pressures immediately after assembly of flanges
  • Slow curing
  • Thixotropic, high viscosity
  • Single component - easy and clean to apply

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Loctite 549 (Loctite 549)