LOCTITE 248 Semi Solid Stick Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker

(Known as LOCTITE 248 Blue Threadlocker Medium Strength Semi Solid Stick )

*some package sizes excluded

Threadlocking Adhesive - medium strength. Non-drip. Easy-to-use stick. Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.

LOCTITE® 248™ Semi Solid Stick Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker is a anaerobic threadlocking material. It is supplied as a wax-like semi-solid, conveniently packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator.

LOCTITE 248 is the ideal general purpose threadlocker for all nut and bolt applications. Now primerless and oil-tolerant.

Your benefits

  • Convenient stick format prevents dripping
  • Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies, e.g. pumps, gear boxes or presses
  • Works on all metals, including passive substrates (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, plated surfaces)
  • Proven to tolerate minor contamination by industrial oils, e.g. motor oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluids
  • Permits disassembly with hand tools

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Loctite 248 (Loctite 248)