Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives

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LOCTITE® Optically Clear Adhesives Enhance Displays with Superior Performance and Easy Processability

LOCTITE liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCA) eliminate reflection loss and/or glare caused by air gaps between touch panel layers.

Henkel Solutions in Typical LOCA Applications:

Benefits of LOCA:

Improving the viewing experience with LOCA and A/R glass you can increase contrast ratio by 400% in sunlight. Henkel has minimized loss due to reflection by matching the refractive index to glass and PMMA.

Increasing display ruggedness for large gaps up to 1 mm, you can increase the falling ball impact resistance by up to 3X.

Extending battery life
by reducing light loss due to reflection, the end user can get a superior viewing experience with less power consumption, greatly extending battery life.

Extending display product life
: LOCA makes a display more durable to heat, moisture and temperature cycling.

Enabling thinner designs
: LOCA will absorb the impact of a given load when compared to an assembly with an air gap, allowing for thinner designs while protecting the display surface.


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