Handheld Communications & Computing

Improving the reliability of portable communication 
Technology on the go is part of our everyday lives, and millions of people trust handheld devices with their schedules, personal information and important communication.  

Henkel products improve the quality, use life and manufacturing cost of such handheld devices as:

  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Memory cards
  • MP3 players
  • Game consoles
  • PDAs

Optimum performance begins in the factory 
That’s why the world’s leading technology designers and manufacturers rely on the bonding strength and manufacturing efficiency of Henkel products during circuit assembly. We offer a wide range of solutions from one convenient source:

  • Halogen-free adhesives for enclosure assembly
  • Adhesives that snap cure at low temperature to keep pace with fast production cycles
  • Isotropic and anisotropic conductive adhesives formulated to provide specific benefits when an electrical interconnect is desired
  • Underfills that improve mechanical robustness, and improve the thermal cycle reliability of flip chip assemblies Solder paste and conductive adhesives to interconnect components and circuitry
  • Thermal interface materials to meet challenges in laptops and handhelds Halogen-free conductive inks that provide optimal
  • ER performance in keyboard membranes
  • Coatings that provide moisture and environmental protection
  • Custom formulation of technology and platforms to integrate with our customers’ unique processes and needs

Plus, Henkel’s global presence assures customers of consistency in product quality throughout the world. 
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