Water Based Laminating Adhesives

Today's converters consider the environmental advantages of using Henkel's water based laminating adhesives when producing laminates. Due to environmental concerns, this product group is becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for solvent based products. Water based adhesives are environmentally safe and contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs); furthermore they can be used to manufacture even the most complex laminates.

Benefits of Water Based Laminating Adhesives

  • No solvents = no emissions concerns
  • No residual odor or taste to contaminate the package contents
  • No Slip loss
  • Faster cycle time to slitting, converting, sterilization
  • Provide good green and final bonds
  • Excellent clarity on clear film laminations
  • Used on a variety of substrates including film/film and film/metalized
  • Improved heat, chemical, water and humidty resistance


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