The PROLOC™ advantage
Henkel’s proprietary PROLOC bioadhesive technology provides a superior means to deliver therapeutic agents locally and across mucosal membranes at absorption sites including buccal/sublingual, vaginal, nasal, ocular and rectal. 

For buccal application, PROLOC bioadhesives adhere to the oral mucosa within seconds and remain adhered until fully eroded. No backing layer is required. These bioadhesives combine high bioavailability with flexibility in tablet size, as well as films, powders or film-forming compositions.

PROLOC bioadhesive minitablets adhere rapidly to the ocular mucosa and remain in place until fully eroded. Customers can expect long-lasting release compared to eye drops and gels, as well as resistance to gamma sterilization.
PROLOC bioadhesive powders adhere immediately to the nasal mucosa and remain in place until fully eroded. Customers can expect high drug loading capacity and nasal residence time to maximize bioavailability.

PROLOC bioadhesives adhere to the vaginal mucosa within seconds and can remain adhered for several days until fully eroded. Existing oral dosage forms as well as intra-vaginal creams and gels require multiple administrations and are poorly tolerated, whereas vaginal delivery by way of PROLOC Bioadhesive offers a safe effective administration and a desired systemic effect.