Casting & Forging Equipment

Forging/Metal Removal
Henkel's forging lubricants can be prepared using mixing and diluting systems to ensure a smooth and constant stream of lubricant/water mixture without any interruption of the forging production.

In addition they can be applied using integrated spray systems to deliver best quality forgings or castings. Benefits with equipment include shorter cycle time and minimal graphite build up on the nozzle and spraytool.

Henkel's die coatings for casting applications can be used with a full range of vacuum impregnation process equipment for applications including:

  • Fluid sealing
  • Finishing operation
  • Planting
  • Machining optimization

Automative die spray systems reduce operating expenses and increase line speed. These modern delivery systems are computer-controlled and electronically interfaced to provide automatic lubrication and, in many cases, part removal. Together, that means increased profits and a safer, more efficient factory floor.

To learn about Henkel's recommended equipment vendors, please contact your local Henkel representative.