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Loctite SF 7900 Applications

See details on LOCTITE® SF 7900™ below.

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Manual MIG/MAG welding

Higher productivity, lower costs and cleaner welding processes

LOCTITE SF 7900 offers invaluable benefits for manual welding processes: It boosts productivity and lowers costs by reducing expenses and downtimes. At the beginning of a shift, the welder sprays the protective coating onto the equipment surface. The resulting protective film repels spatter and ensures uninterrupted welding for the entire shift.

Higher productivity

  • Welding spatter does not adhere to contact tips or shrouds
  • Eliminates the need for continual mechanical cleaning
  • Reliable, uninterrupted work processes without downtimes
  • Improved productivity and increased turnover

Lower costs

  • Physical and thermal protection for welding equipment
  • Service life of welding equipment four to five times longer
  • Significant savings on welding consumables

Cleaner welding

  • Shroud remains free of spatter – gas flow is not interrupted
  • Higher quality of the welding seam
  • Work pieces can also be coated and protected from spatter


Laser and Plasma Cutting

Increase productivity while maintaining full functionality

Laser and plasma cutting nozzles are particularly sensitive to spatter; a thin film of LOCTITE SF 7900 offers protection without impairing machine operation. The result: increased productivity through reliable, continuous work processes as well as reduced running costs.

Lower costs

  • Physical and thermal protection for shrouds
  • Service life of shrouds extended by four to five times
  • Considerable savings on consumables 

Increased productivity

  • More reliable, continuous production
  • Less downtime for cleaning
  • Higher productivity and revenue


Jigs, Fixtures and Fittings

Protection for all equipment

A single coat of LOCTITE SF 7900 protects jigs, fixtures and fittings against adhering spatter for up to one week. Power cables, sensors, metal components and the jaws of spot welding systems can also be protected with LOCTITE SF 7900.

No more hassle with spatter removal

At the end of a shift, loose spatter can simply be swept up with a soft brush. Expensive and time-consuming surface cleaning is no longer necessary.

Reduce costs and boost productivity

  • Spatter does not adhere to coated surfaces
  • No surface cleaning required – spatter can be swept up with soft brush
  • Higher productivity – no time necessary for manual spatter removal
  • No need for milling or expensive cleaning chemicals
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