Henkel’s Euromelt product line includes a wide range of high quality adhesive products, renowned for their versatility, reliable strength and performance.

Euromelt pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) are available in hotmelt, rubber, EVA or polyolefin-based formulations. Customers in the labeling, envelope and paper converting (bags and sacks, folding box, corrugated) markets trust Euromelt for clear and clean applications.

Innovative x-tra foil packaging has become a Euromelt staple, and improves both economic consumption and the user- and environmental friendliness of the product.

Euromelt adhesives are wrapped in a thin film. The film dissolves together with the hotmelt in the melting pot and is incorporated into the adhesive, without affecting any of the necessary and required properties. This innovative packaging solution avoids unwanted packaging waste.