Henkel's Acheson® brand of metals products include innovative specialty coatings, process lubricants, and lubricant application equipment, for the electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance,  medical, metalworking, die casting and display industries. Acheson® high-performance inks and coatings lead the electronics industry in advanced materials.

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In the Metal Processing Industry
In the Electronics Industry

Metal Processing Lubricants and Spray Equipment
Acheson® Deltaforge®, Deltacast® and Deltaglaze lubricants, release agents and specialized protective coatings ensure cleaner casting and forging, improved surface finish and enhanced protection from the effects of thermal fatigue. Acheson® provides customers with total solutions that efficiently address both application and lubrication needs - and increase automation and productivity.

Energy Storage Coatings
Acheson DAG® offers a complete product line of high quality graphite and carbon coatings and dispersions for today's electronics and energy storage devices.

Anti-Friction Coatings
Acheson Emralon®, Molydag® and DAG® coatings take on intricate lubrication jobs in countless hidden situations - from aircraft to toasters, automobiles to pianos, printer rollers and belts to precision parts. Acheson's Emralon® weatherstrip coatings are widely used on automotive sealing systems.

Lubricant Additives
Acheson's solid lubricant additives product line improve the performance of any liquid lubricant - no matter the application or the industry.

Electronic Materials
From radio frequency identifcation tags to keyboards, Acheson products are instrumental in achieving optimum performance.  

With more than three decades of research and development into the formulation of high performance inks and coatings, Acheson brand products lead the electronics industry in advanced materials such as polymer thick films and high-speed printable conductive coatings.

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