3D Autofill System

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Henkel offers the industry's leading adhesive handling optimization solution. The 3D Fulfill® system, powered by Nordson, automatically transfers hot melt adhesives from the shipping container to the production line, without requiring major capital investment by its customers. The 3D Fulfill® system eliminates the need for manually scooping adhesive into the hot melt adhesive melter, so you can reduce labor costs and improve plant safety.

The 3D Fulfill® system automatically vacuum transfers hot melt adhesives via a vibrating wand and hose from any shipping or storage container directly to a melt unit. It is a compact machine that operates on plant compressed air and installs in minutes on your existing melter. The 3D Fulfill® system operates continuously, so there’s no need for operator interface.

Benefits of the 3D Fulfill®System

  • Improved hot melt handling and usage
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved plant safety
  • Prevents contaminants, optimizing uptime
  • Easy Installation

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The 3D Fulfill® system is installed without altering or damaging your hot melt unit; it simply screws into existing holes around the melt tank. The compact size allows it to be installed into confined spaces and, as the unit is air driven, it requires little or no maintenance. To learn more about the 3D Fulfill® system or to speak to a specialist call 1-866-266-5565.


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